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10% Bathtub, 90x55x30cm

Bathtub, 90x55x30cm

₾87.30 ₾97
20% Diamond mosaic
10% Silicone babies spoon

Silicone babies spoon

₾11.70 ₾13
9% SportZone 2.5m Kite
10% Brush for baby dishes

Brush for baby dishes

₾10.80 ₾12
10% Roller pillow, anti-allergic
10% Bicycle’s basket
10% Eco pillow with chamomile

Eco pillow with chamomile

₾26.55 ₾29.50
10% Poncho for girls

Poncho for girls

₾31.50 ₾35
15% Nourishing eye cream
27% Dog treat "cow lungs"

Dog treat "cow lungs"

₾5.50 ₾7.50
20% Acne Serum

Acne Serum

₾12 ₾15
25% Hand Serum

Hand Serum

₾6 ₾8
9% Coenzyme SAN CoQ10
SAN Nutrition

Coenzyme SAN CoQ10

₾48.60 ₾53.40


Online Marketplace in Georgia: Your Path to Convenient and Profitable Shopping

In a world of rapid digital transformation, online marketplaces have become an integral part of our everyday lives. And if you're in Georgia, we're delighted to introduce you to the leading online marketplace in the country - Gezone. We've curated a diverse range of products on our platform to cater to all your needs. Welcome to a world of convenient and profitable shopping!

Diversity of Products:

Our virtual shelves are stocked with products across a wide range of categories. From electronics, fashionable clothing, and footwear to cosmetics, accessories, and home goods - we have everything you need for comfort and style. We carefully source products from reliable sellers, ensuring you can shop with confidence.

Convenience of Online Shopping:

Say goodbye to spending precious time navigating through vast shopping centers. On Gezone, you can make purchases without leaving your home. Simply browse categories, select products, and place your order - all just a few clicks away.

Secure Transactions:

We value your safety and confidentiality. All transactions on our platform are secured by state-of-the-art data encryption technologies, guaranteeing the protection of your financial resources and personal information.

Deals and Discounts:

We're always striving to make your shopping even more rewarding. Regular deals, discounts, and special offers are designed to help you save while you shop. Keep an eye on our updates so you don't miss out!

Gezone is your gateway to convenient and profitable shopping in Georgia. We've crafted this marketplace with care and consideration for your shopping experience. Join us today and discover a new level of comfort and enjoyment in your shopping journey!

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